Father's Day - Make Dads Day with Cannabis!

June 12, 2018

If you've got a Dad that's hard to shop for, look no further, we've got just the thing. Our Euphoric Collection is a great way to lighten things up, enjoy a little fun in the sun, promote relaxation and help lend a little easy-breezy vibe to the mayhem of the year's mid-point busy-ness.

The Euphoric Collection by Big Moon SkyMerriam-Webster defines Euphoria as a state of well-being and elation and, well, we don’t disagree. Designed to deliver on just that, our Euphoric Collection is an assortment of curated cannabis products to incite feeling good. Because we adult big time, we know that at the beginning, middle and end of our busy days, we can often use a little help in the contentment and energy-boosting department from time to time, right?

And honestly, what says contentment better than allowing the medicinal meets recreational traits of marijuana do their best work?

Our Euphoric Collection is all about energy, and well, euphoria! Designed for experienced cannabis users who need a bit more potency to achieve the desired effect, it includes an array of products any cannasseur can appreciate.

 Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Somatik Cannabis-Infused Espresso Beans: One of these low-strength beans will provide a mild high, whilst two or three will provide a correspondingly increasing high. The rich flavors of chocolate, espresso, and cannabis blend together to make an all-around delightful experience.

  • James Henry - Evening Social - Vape Pen: Small enough to fit in your pocket, this medium-strength vape is the ultimate social vape pen that produces a happy, engaged and talkative experience for the user. 

  • Caliva - Kiss the Sky - Vape Cartridge: This medium-strength daytime vape will have you jumping for joy with its euphoric, social and creative buzz. These cartridges are quick acting, easy to use and less harsh on your lungs than smoking.

  • Somatik Cannabis-Infused Cold Brew Coffee: Somatik's cannabis-infused cold brew coffee is already a Bay-Area favorite. All you have to do is sip and enjoy. A truly unique and synergistic way to experience cannabis. 

  • Palm Re-chargeable Vape Pen Battery: USB charging, inhaled activated and compatible with all our vape cartridges. 

Never fear, the rest of your year is really looking up now!


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