Fighting the Good Fight Against Insomnia With These Must Have Cannabis Products

April 26, 2018

Because we’re in the business of bettering ourselves through self-care, here’s a little PSA on one of the most foundational elements of our existence: sleep.

The number of adults in this country dealing with sleep issues is staggering.The American Sleep Association says that between 50-70 million folks in the US will suffer from symptoms of a sleep disorder, 30 percent of the population will deal with insomnia at one point, while 10 percent will endure chronic insomnia. And the long-term effects of lack of sleep don’t just result in dark circles under our eyes.

Chronic insomnia, for example, can interfere with everything from our productivity and performance, to our heart health, causing dramatic weight gain, depression, and risk of stroke.

Sure, there are lots of ways to combat the woes of sleeplessness. Meditation, a risk-free option, being one; however, it does require a certain amount of practice and dedication. Incorporating “good sleep hygiene” is another. Simple approaches to cleaning up your sleep act include decreasing your screen time in the evening, exercising during the day and avoiding caffeine, particularly in the afternoon and evening. Not to mention, there’s an endless selection of over-the-counter sleep-aids in any drug store. But those concoctions come with their own set of side effects that may outweigh their benefits: addiction, dizziness and daytime drowsiness, to name a few.   

But all in all, we think it’s pretty safe to say, we would rather puff, puff and pass on all of that.

Enter cannabis; insomnia relief is within reach!



As we are free to move about the canna-scape to explore all the many benefits this miracle plant has to offer, one that stands out, above the rest, is its ability to provide deep relaxation that contributes profoundly as an aid to sleep.

We believe that getting a good night’s sleep is essential, and because we are committed to delivering the best in class to our customers, we’ve not only done the research for you, we’ve also curated our dedicated Snooze Collection to support your most satisfying sleep with products that are tried and true.

So, if you ask us, our dream routine starts with our CBD Bath Bomb. It soothes, relaxes and gets your body in the mood to dial down for the night. An excellent addition to this luxurious bath time moment is no doubt our Caliva Pillow Talk Vape. What’s not to love about its all-natural ingredients featuring sweet floral notes and hints of blueberry and intoxicating jasmine? Absolutely nothing. Its mellow vibe provides a perfect guide to a sweet slumber. Another delightful addition to this order of operations is our cannabis massage oil. This rich blend of eight oils and herbs is applied easily with a pump spray, so if you don’t have an extra set of hands around, you can still get all the relaxing benefits on your own. 

Next up: dreamland. 

Sure, we could also break it down by strain (Tahoe OG Kush, Skywalker and Granddaddy Purple, all make the shortlist for deep relaxation) to highlight a few that can assist in ushering a good night’s sleep. Or, here’s a fun fact: aged indica flowers, because of their higher cannabinol (A.K.A. CBD, literally one of the most incredible natural compositions we are living with today) content which has an inherent sedating quality. Whereas sativa green (higher in Tetrahydrocannabinol, A.K.A. THC, which is the component carrying that feeling of euphoria that weed can bring) typically has an energizing effect.

And as you might already know, there are a variety of ways to incorporate weed into your nighttime scene. Because so much of creating the right remedy for those sleepless nights have to do with timing, edibles are a more often a no-no because of the unpredictability of when their effects will kick in. Lucky for us all, there is a whole crop of clever cannabis goods designed to ease you into a restful sleep.

But honestly, if you’re in search of a sweet siesta, you don’t have to look much further than the many cannabis products online. And since you’re tired from suffering from some form of insomnia, just relax, we’ll deliver everything you need to get some sleep right to your door.

Happy snoozing!

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