The Ultimate Guide to Spring Cleaning

April 11, 2018

Spring is in the air, it’s gone green (you know what we mean) everywhere, and we love it! We’re finally feeling good about gaining an hour (not mad anymore about that one morning we lost one), the sun is out, the flowers are making their comeback, and we’re feeling excited to harness all this renewed energy.

And naturally, we’ve got one of our favorite signature tasks on our mind: spring cleaning!

While doing some deep cleaning may not always be the activity of choice, ‘tis the season, and we know that a de-cluttered and fresh space can undo overwhelm - and, we’re definitely in the business of finding ways to lessen stress. It’s easy for the daily grind, from office-work and commuting to child-rearing, to eat up the energy we need to tackle our big and small household chores. But, when our living spaces are looking their best, i.e., clean and organized, it does lend itself to us feeling our best. And when we are feeling our best, the world around us knows, and there’s a lot of synergy in that.

So, we’ve come up with our best tips for making deep-cleaning and getting organized a satisfying experience full of renewal, rebirth and refresh.

First things first, mark a day on your calendar that you can devote to undoing some disorder, ideally, everyone else is away for the day and you can get down to business. Then, there are a few things you’re going to want handy, and trust us; our luxury cannabis products are on the list.

We prefer to make our own non-toxic disinfectant, it’s super easy and most of us have the ingredients in our pantry, but if not, almost any store sells them. You’ll need a spray bottle, water, white vinegar and if you’d like to cover up the smell of the vinegar (we do), an essential oil of your choice. We love lemon or lavender, and you can even make a nice mix of both for a fresh, clean yet calming scent. And, if not, just use some fresh lemon juice for that same clean citrus smell. The blend is 1 part water to 1 part vinegar and a few drops of whichever oil you choose, or half a lemon.

Now you’ve got your homemade surface cleaner and soap scum destroyer!

A few more essentials are paper towels, wash rags and a whole bunch of trash bags, masking tape and a permanent marker. And speaking of getting prepared, there a few other provisions you’ll want to have on hand. Starting the day with our Somatik Coffee offers the perfect balance of coffee buzz with a well-paired cannabis high. We recommend drinking half the bottle, getting your cleaning clothes on, turning the music way up, eating one of our Garden Society Bliss Blossom chocolates, getting in the zone and getting to work.

And music! You’ll definitely want a playlist that keeps you feeling motivated; this is a must.

We see cleaning and organizing as two different animals. One requires some down and dirty work and the other requires a little bit more strategy and creativity. The energizing effects of our Somatik Coffee go perfectly with scrubbing shower curtains and wiping down handprints from the walls, while a four-second pull from your Lychee vape will infuse some inspired thinking into some deep and thoughtful organizing.

So, when you take your attention over to editing and organizing your closet, start with these rules of thumb:

1) If you haven’t worn it in over a year, you’ll never wear it again.

2) If it actually doesn’t make you feel good to look at, you shouldn’t have it all.

As you make your way through your drawers and clothes on hangers, organize what you no longer want or need into piles, i.e., kid’s clothes, men’s, women’s, etc. Grab a few of your garbage bags and separate the clothes into each and label them with the masking tape and mark accordingly. Apply this routine throughout your house, parting with items you no longer want or need that are still intact to give away and disposing of the rest.

Updating your space sometimes just means thinning out the excess to showcase your style, leaving what reflects your look most (even if that means parting with a random wedding gift from a well-meaning second cousin twice removed). Next, do a little research on local charities that would benefit from what you’ve got to donate and plan a time when you can have them picked up or you can deliver them yourself.

And now that you’ve accomplished all that work and your place is sparkling, sit back and relax, smoke a little more weed and marvel at how good it feels to not only refresh your space but share some of your surplus with folks less fortunate.

It’s the type of win-win we love most.

Happy spring (cleaning)!

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