Inspired Collection

Find your creativity and flow with the Inspired Collection!  Part of the Dawn Family of products, this blend of inspiring cannabis options is designed for daytime use, especially when you need to focus. The Inspired Collection offers cannabis infused coffee and coffee beans to get you going in the morning, melt-in-your-mouth tablinguals to pick you up throughout the day, a pre-rolled cannabis cone for a classic smoking experience, and a vape pen that’s discreet, delicious and designed with inspiration in mind. If you are looking for an uplifted and creative experience, start here.

  • Level Elevate Tablinguals (THC): We were drawn to the ease of use that Level Tablinguals provide. Low-profile in a package that slips into any pocket, these tiny tablets will dissolve under your tongue quickly and provide a light uplifting high. You will immediately notice a strong peppermint flavor that is sweet and slightly earthy.
    Quantity: 15 tablets • Strength: LOW
  • James Henry - Daytime Focus - Vape Pen: We love this easy to use vape pen that provides a relaxing and enjoyable experience without leaving you feeling too high. Expect a sweet honey flavor with lush tropical notes.
    Strength: MEDIUM
  • BaeLeaf Pre-Roll: Made with the best flower, totally organic, and delicious - ready to enjoy right out of the jar. Produces a calm, light-hearted effect.
    Strength: MEDIUM
  • 2 Bottles of Somatik Cannabis-Infused Cold Brew Coffee: Somatik's cannabis-infused cold brew coffee is already a Bay-Area favorite. All you have to do is sip and enjoy. A truly unique way to experience cannabis. 
    Strength: LOW

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