Limited Edition Collection

Our Limited Edition Collection features unique and seasonal cannabis you can’t find anywhere else. Check back often…while these assortments are highly coveted and brag-a-licious, they don't last long.

This Limited Edition Collection features 4 hand-crafted strains cultivated by our BaeLeaf growers this time of year. Our farmers hand selected and packaged about 3.5 grams of each different flower-type in beautiful BaeLeaf jars. Look below to see this season's offering.

Hollywood Star - Beautiful buds with an icy, lime-green appearance and tiny purple leaves. Hollywood Star is well rounded, initially generating a soothing effect that transitions to a calming lull felt in the mind and body. Save this one for the evening.

Melrose This variety is called Melrose due to its deep, rosy hues. Expect an extremely uplifting experience that lingers for awhile, even after only a couple draws. Focus and creativity may emerge. Best for weekends.

Golden Gate - Golden Gate is an exotic and rare variety. Grown in soil fertilized with fermented black tea, this variety is darker in color than most other strains. Expect to feel euphoric, then a bit lazy. Tread lightly with this potent strain in order to test your tolerance.

Pacific Coast Pacific Coast is a darker flower - you may also spot shades of blue and purple throughout the cluster. The effect is somewhat cerebral. Can be used any time of day as this variety is less potent than others in this collection.