Banana Fig by Fig Farms

20.01%-THC Banana Fig is a Cannabis Cup winner for a couple simple reasons: the nugs are beautiful with bag appeal for days, and the smells and flavors are unique and memorable. This is one from Fig Farms that you need to try (in addition to all their other top shelf flavors).You can see the immense energy, passion and care put into every batch of flower from Fig Farms. This Banana Fig is no exception. The beautiful nuggets are meticulously manicured and expertly cured, a nice departure from much of the weed you see on shelves today. When I crack open a nug of Banana Fig I’m hit with waves banana peel, berries, sweet cream, and hints of nutmeg and cinnamon. Basically what you’d expect from the lineage of Banana Split x Purple Fig. What’s a bit surprising to me, is some heavy whiffs of Jack Herer-like citrus mixed in with the other aromas. I’ve smoked this strain with a couple other heads and we all agree that the smell reminds us of Jack. The smell translates really well into the subtle flavor of the Banana Fig. I say “subtle flavor” because the Banana Fig isn’t an overpowering, mouth-coating flavor, but instead it draws you in with soft flavors of banana + floral + creamy sweetness. It’s not like an OG that kicks you in the face with pinesol funk, but more like a seductress that lures you in slowly until you realize you’re in too deep and can’t escape from the terps.