Grape Soda by UpNorth


The fruit of a nearly five year-long breeding project, this original hybrid strain from Humboldt County’s own Calyx Garden represents a masterwork of innovation and craft. Today, Grape Calyx (A.K.A. Grape Soda) sits at the top of nearly every scale on which medical-grade cannabis is evaluated.

The long experiment that would eventually yield Grape Calyx began in 2012 with a cross between Durban Poison and a pure Hindu Kush. From there, Calyx Garden carefully honed the strain, incorporating dozens of sometimes rare and unlikely hybrids — SFV OG, Platinum Girl Scout Cookies and Purple Pineapple, to name a few — cherry picking the very best qualities from each. Finally, they struck gold: swollen calyxes, soaring THC levels and an off-the-charts terpene profile. Thus, Grape Calyx was born!

Named for its purple-hued calyx clusters that resemble bunches of grapes, Grape Calyx pairs a fermented, slightly sweet aroma (not unlike fermented grapes) with a fizzy tangerine hops. Due to exceptionally high levels of b-Myrcene — the same terpene found in bay laurel, eucalyptus and lemon verbena — this is an especially good choice for patients suffering from anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain. Additionally, Myrcia sphaerocarpa, the medium-sized shrub from which b-Myrcene takes its name, has long been used in Brazil as a folk remedy to combat diabetes, dysentery and hypertension.