Well, that depends!  If your order is below $100, delivery will cost you a flat $5 fee.  If however, your order is $100 or above, the delivery cost is free!

Nope, not yet. We think you should just move to Cali. Sunshine, beach, wine, and the best cannabis on the planet. Email us if you need help finding a house at

We want to make sure our products get to the right customer so everyone is happy. Signing is how we make sure we are doing that

Our drivers have super busy schedules so please try to be home when our drivers are on their way (they will text you). If they miss you, they will try to deliver again that same day or the next day. If they are unsuccessful, your order is sacrificed to the delivery gods.

We have really amazing delivery drivers who are hand selected to provide a safe and friendly experience. Feel free to let us know about your delivery experience by emailing Selfies not mandatory.

We are happy to delivery to a business and our packaging is non-descript – just make sure your boss is cool with it.

Nope, sorry. Every delivery requires an ID check and a signature. Last time we asked a PO box to sign, we were told to come back letter.

We follow all the laws – yes even the not fun ones. We’ve seen lots of local laws change over the past few months so even if we don’t deliver to you now, we will soon!

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