Between the brainstorming sessions, board meetings, and delivery ride-alongs, Zack spends much of his time pretending he knows a lot about wine. He pairs his wine with adventures around the globe visiting friends and making new ones. He is happiest at home in California where he spends as much time as possible on the water, or on the grill, or on the lash. You can reach him anytime at ZackC@bigmoonsky.com.

Zack is the CEO of Big Moon Sky and lives in your wine country, Napa.


The best trivia teammate on the planet, Kristin hones her witty, factual prowess by engaging in debates with anyone who shares her love of the house red wine. Kristin has traveled the world collecting a series of food and nature photos that Bourdain has tried to steal twice (we are just kidding - love ya Tony). When she's not sourcing our products or connecting with other movers & shakers, Kristin enjoys all things Duke University and Dan Le Batard.

Kristin is COO of Big Moon Sky and represents proudly from Oakland. You can reach her at kristinj@bigmoonsky.com


Our search for a founder with an accent took us around the globe - and then back to San Fran where we met James. LinkedIn literally can't contain him since James is a lawyer, telecom expert, wine CEO, rugby player (so he claims), marketing strategist, and hopeless romantic. James was also born in Australia, married to a Brit, and the father of an American. If you ask him, he will tell you he is 100% Californian (and that's not a knife...).

James is head of marketing and keeps his body in London and his heart in San Fran.

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