Discovery Collection

The Discovery Collection is your marijuana starter kit. This assortment includes our most popular cannabis products so you can find your sweet spot. Get the best of old school and new school with everything from freshly packed hand rolls & chocolates to vape oil & cold brew. Your cannabis journey starts here. 


  • BaeLeaf Loose Bud (Flower): Sourced from the Emerald Triangle. Unwind and relax with Baeleaf Sweet. Dense and covered with orange hairs, this variety of cannabis flower provides a grounded and meditative high with full body relaxation. We provide everything you need to create and smoke your cannabis cone.
    Quantity: 3.5g per container • Strength: MEDIUM 
  • Garden Society Cannabis-Infused Truffles: We discovered these amazing truffles that melt-in-your mouth and provide a tension easing, mood lifting experience. These rich, creamy, and sweet milk chocolates are the perfect dinner party treats.
    Quantity: 8pc per container • Strength: MEDIUM

  • Somatik Cannabis-Infused Cold Brew Coffee: Somatik's cannabis-infused cold brew coffee is already a Bay-Area favorite. All you have to do is sip and enjoy. A truly unique way to experience cannabis. 
    Strength: LOW
  • James Henry - Daytime Focus - Vape Pen: We love this easy to use vape pen that provides a relaxing and enjoyable experience without leaving you feeling too high. Expect a sweet honey flavor with lush tropical notes.
    Strength: MEDIUM

Included: Grinder Card, Matches, RAW Rolling Paper

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