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Discovery Collection

The Discovery Collection is your marijuana starter kit. This assortment includes our most popular cannabis products so you can find your sweet spot. Get the best of old school and new school with everything from freshly packed hand rolls & brownies to vape oil & cold brew. Your cannabis journey starts here. 

  • BaeLeaf Hand Roll: This hand-rolled cannabis cone has a citrus-pine aroma. Ready to use upon arrival, expect a smooth, traditional smoke that should last a few sessions. 
  • Caldera Vape Oil: We love the lite and refreshing berry notes that dominate this low-dose marijuana infused vape oil. Expect a fruity and cooling effect with this oil cartridge + vape battery set. 
  • Good Co-Op Brownies: We found the iconic weed brownie. This version is low-dose and delicous. Expect to taste a bit of cannabis and sea salt and a lot of dark-chocolate goodness. 
  • Somatik Cold Brew Coffee: Somatik's cannabis-infused cold brew coffee is already a Bay-Area favorite. All you have to do is sip and enjoy. A truly unique way to experience cannabis. 

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