Mellow Collection

Perfect for a lazy saturday, the Mellow Collection is all about relaxing. The soothing topicals and tablinguals, indulgently chill chocolate truffles, dreamy vape pen and relaxing pre-rolled cannabis cone, will have you floating in the clouds without a care. Part of the Dusk Family of products, this collection is great for afternoons and evenings. Start here if you are new to cannabis and seeking a calm and introspective effect.

  • Sweet ReLeaf Cream: Massage into skin wherever it hurts. Stretch, breathe deep, massage, repeat. Coconut oil and shea butter complement the spicy smell of cannabis. A little goes a long way.
    Strength: LOW
  • Garden Society Chocolate TrufflesWe discovered these amazing truffles that melt-in-your mouth and provide a tension easing, mood lifting experience. These rich, creamy, and sweet milk chocolates are the perfect dinner party treats.
    Quantity: 8pc per container • Strength: MEDIUM
  • Level Soothe (Delta 8) TablingualsWe were drawn to the ease of use that Tabilinguals provide. The Soothe Tablinguals provide that boost you are looking for to energize both body and mind. A strong peppermint flavor that is slightly sweet will have you floating throughout the day.
    Quantity: 15 tablets per container • Strength: LOW
  • Honey Vape - Blue Dream - Vape Pen: A classic, simple to use one piece vape pen, will have you floating in the clouds. The Blue Dream provides rich, sweet blueberry flavors with hints of vanilla that produce euphoric and uplifting effects without being too sedative.
    Strength: MEDIUM
  • BaeLeaf Pre-Roll: Made with the best flower, totally organic, and delicious - ready to enjoy right out of the jar. Produces a calm, light-hearted effect.
    Strength: MEDIUM

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