Nibbles Collection

Edibles. We love them too. Relatable, portable, and delicious. Michelin star chefs crafted the gourmet truffles and gelées. Local hipsters crafted the coffee and the espresso beans provide a spark of energy! To top it all off, we added the most delicious, bite-sized cookies that will become a staple of your cannabis diet. This blend of low-dose cannabis and high-dose flavor es perfecto. Just enjoy despacito (slooowly).

  • Somatik Cannabis-Infused Espresso Beans: We love Somatik’s gold-flecked chocolate covered espresso beans that have that great rich, earthy, coffee, and smooth chocolate flavor we all crave. One of these beans will provide a mild high, whilst two or three will provide a correspondingly increasing high.
    Quantity: 33pc per container • Strength: LOW
  • 3 Leaf Cannabis-Infused Granola Coconut CookiesWe have found the ultimate in cookies. Elegantly wrapped in gold foil these nourishing cookies are lightly topped with a delicious creamy frosting. Providing a relaxed, and happy buzz, you will taste hints of citrus and pine with, of course that buttery, coconut cream flavor we all love.
    Quantity: 10pc per container • Strength: LOW
  • 3 Leaf Cannabis-Infused Granola BitesAnother great find, each piece is drizzled in delicious chocolate and wrapped in gold foil. With a single bite, you will salivate over the honey oats and chocolate flavors that are enhanced with bursts of cranberry, that will provide you with a relaxed and happy buzz all day long. 10pc per container.
    Quantity: 10pc per container • Strength: LOW
  • Garden Society Cannabis-Infused Fruit Gelees: What happens when you mix Michelin star chefs with great cannabis ingredients – Garden Society Gelees. Uplifting and energizing in two delicious flavors: Passionfruit and Strawberry Basil, these are a great edible for sharing at parties, or a sweet treat for yourself.
    Quantity: 8pc per container • Strength: MEDIUM
  • Somatik Cannabis-Infused Cold Brew Coffee: Somatik's cannabis-infused cold brew coffee is already a Bay-Area favorite. All you have to do is sip and enjoy. A truly unique way to experience cannabis. 
    Strength: LOW

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