Snooze Collection

Trouble sleeping? The Snooze Collection with help you get some rest. Part of the Dusk Family of products, this collection is all about letting go. Designed for experienced cannabis users who need a bit more potency to get the desired effect, these products are perfect for bedtime. The Snooze Collection includes a relaxing CBD Bath Bomb, soothing massage oil, two dreamy extracts to vape, and a discreet and classy vape battery, so you're ready to go. If you need a good night’s sleep, start here.

  • CBD Bath Bomb: One of the only things more relaxing than a hot bath, is a hot bath with cannabis. Bring this spa-like indulgence home with our CBD bath bomb. Just drop the fragrant bomb into any bath to transform it into a cannabis experience. Enjoy soaking as the CBD relaxes your muscles and soothes your aches and pains. Your body will thank you.
    Strength: MEDIUM
  • SACRED Cannabis-Infused Massage OilUtilize nature’s own healing energy with SACRED’s Cannabis Infused Massage Oil. A blend of eight oils and herbs, this decadent product adds an indulgent touch to any massage.
    Strength: MEDIUM
  • Caliva - Pillow Talk - Vape CartridgeWe were drawn to the fact that Caliva Pillow Talk is made with all-natural ingredients and designed to provide you with the smoothest flavors and a great night’s sleep. Sweet floral flavors with notes of cola, blackberry, and jasmine add to the experience.
    Strength: MEDIUM
  • Honey Vape - Blue Dream - Vape Pen: A classic, simple to use one piece vape pen, will have you floating in the clouds. The Blue Dream provides rich, sweet blueberry flavors with hints of vanilla that produce euphoric and uplifting effects without being too sedative.
    Strength: MEDIUM
  • Palm Re-chargable Vape Pen Battery:USB charging, inhaled activated and compatible with all our vape cartridges. 

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